10 Things I’m Grateful for on 10/10

  1. That my kids are loving their new space in Nkumba.
  2. That Mom has been in Uganda for more than three months, making sure everything is just right for my kids.
  3. The night sky.  When I look into it, I sense something that cannot be described by the characters on this computer screen, no matter how cleverly I might arrange them.
  4. That tomorrow will be 10/11/12.  (It’s fun.)
  5. The process of Aidchild’s rebranding; telling our story in stronger, more accurate ways.
  6. Boxing.
  7. A last-minute text message from a friend, inviting me to dinner and a convo.
  8. Calm in the midst of unrest.
  9. That I get to return to Mexico on Friday.  For a conference.  Only for a week.  But my experiences in that country shaped my thinking and Self in so many ways.  (To read about the conference and a session I will lead, click here.)
  10. Voice.

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