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It’s October 10th (10/10).

For the last several years, I have made a habit of using this date as an excuse to make another gratitude list; a list of 10, of course.

Shared now, should it be of interest. 

  1. The call of birds. At home in Uganda there are so many, many birds who sing to us early in the morning, and accompany us all day long. And at home in Florida, a nearby neighbor has an aviary which hosts a flock of birds who are most chatty, and most lovely.
  2. The way my kids are making sense of their world. I love hearing their thoughts, reading their tweets, and embracing this stage of their human experience.
  3. A fictional mystery that intrigues the brain, tugs ever-so-slightly at the heart, and leaves the observer delighted when it is solved, and yet completely free of the anxiety associated with real-life mysteries.
  4. Plants that bloom in the fall. Outside the window–just above my workspace–a large green bush is just producing intensely orange blossoms. I believe that the Divine likes to party. It seems He’s always decorating for the next soiree. 
  5. The next soiree.
  6. Fresh herbs. They please so many of the senses. Watching them grow. Enjoying their fragrance. The coarseness of parsley, the bristle of sage. Their intense flavor on the tongue.
  7. Pain medication.
  8. The magic of post. Not the electronic kind. The old-fashioned kind. Mail. I mean, think about it. Two days ago, a friend in Denver took two boxes of educational toys to her local post office. In just a few weeks, those very same objects will appear in our post office in Entebbe, Uganda–10,000 miles away–all thanks to human ingenuity and cooperation. Amazing.
  9. Human ingenuity and cooperation.
  10. My kids.

For my earlier lists of 10 on 10/10, click here. And remember to post your own 10/10 list in the comments below, and online with the hashtag #1010thx.

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