15 Things That Make Me Happy


See number 2 on my list.

See number 2 on my list.

My monthly gratitude list:

  1. Emails, notes, text-messages and phone calls from my kids.
  2. Every evening, a man who lives in an apartment across the street from my building in San Diego is out front with his broom and dustpan, sweeping the humble sidewalk.  It may be that he is paid to do so, but I doubt it.  His routine and respect for the public space he shares speak to me somehow.
  3. Fresh berries.  They are so hard to get in rural Uganda, so plentiful in California, and so yummy.
  4. The off-switches on my phone and on my computer.
  5. A nice big fluffy towel, and being amazed that someone figured out how to make this out of the not-so-soft cotton plant.
  6. Observing colleagues achieve new levels of independence and purpose.
  7. Water.  Tasting it.  Conserving it.  Offering it as life-giving nourishment to potted plants.  Using it to wash and cleanse.  Feeling it.
  8. Watching my body heal itself from a small scratch.  Remarkable.
  9. Feeling sleepy and being able to climb into a comfy bed with soft linens and pillows.
  10. Working with a team to solve an adaptive challenge.
  11. The smell of Fabuloso cleaning liquid.  The aroma takes me back to the islands every time.
  12. Challenging my assumptions and beliefs, taking me to deeper levels of understanding.
  13. The sensation of a nice, big sneeze.
  14. The courage of naiveté.
  15. The hope of tomorrow.

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