“16 Things that Make Me Happy” (My monthly gratitude list)


I took this picture yesterday. I liked how the sky seemed to mirror the bay.











Once a month, I make a list of things that make me happy and grateful.  Today, I wasn’t feeling grateful, and was kind of feeling sorry for myself, so it seemed a perfect day to use gratitude as a healing balm.  And it worked!  Below is my list.

The list’s number always matches the date. Today is the 16th, and here are 16 things I’m grateful for, should they be of interest.

  1. That my kids call me “Daddy.”
  2. The setting and rising of the sun.
  3. Toothpaste.
  4. Books.  The printed kind.
  5. Receiving emails and texts from my kids—just saying hi.
  6. The creativity that dwells in so many of my colleagues and friends.
  7. Being able and willing to give forgiveness to those who haven’t even asked for it.
  8. Being forgiven.
  9. A fresh haircut.
  10. That all my kids are back to school.
  11. Picturing Dad in Uganda with my peeps.
  12. My prayer groups.
  13. Wondering who was the first person to eat an egg, and how hungry they must have been.
  14. People who try new things.
  15. Pickles.
  16. High, wispy, white clouds.

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  1. February 16, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    13th thing the question I come up with is not just who but how did they eat the egg? Raw is not so nice to consider but could be a way. I could see it dropped into boiling water either in the shell or not. Either way would be satisfying to the tummy- a bit like egg drop soup or peeling the hard outer shell away to enjoy the tasty inside. Marvelous to think that God might have given them a cooking class to provide for them after they departed Eden. Just providing for your kids is a lot to think of for us today.

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