21 Things that Make Me Happy

Austin smilesMarch 21. Twenty-one things that make me happy:

  1. Pics of my kids.
  2. A freshly made bed.
  3. Mugs. Things just taste better—heartier—lovelier in mugs.
  4. Babies.
  5. A perfect shave.
  6. Silver white winters that melt into spring.
  7. Admiring the talents of others, talents which I do not have. Watching an artist create beauty with a brush and some paint simply amazes me.
  8. Hearing strangers say “Please” and “Thank you” to others—and getting the sense that they actually mean it.
  9. The way Rogers answers the question “How are you?” Every time, he says, “I’m-fine-thank-you.”
  10. The box of mail, books, and magazines I received from my parents this week.
  11. Cool, crisp air. Especially when coming in from an open window at night, settling onto my face as the rest of me is covered by a warm blanket.
  12. Warm blankets.
  13. Telephones.
  14. A walk in the park.
  15. The message I received from my son Njuba yesterday. It said, “Thank you for your caring heart.”
  16. All the friends who bought me lunch or just looked after me in the days following Johnston’s passing.
  17. Lunch.
  18. Tongs. I mean, what a great idea!
  19. Kind friends (and friends of friends) who are helping us reach our crowd-funding goal so that Diana can hear!
  20. Feeling happy after feeling sad.
  21. Gratitude.

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