“25 Things I’m Grateful for!” (My monthly gratitude list.)

  1. Emails from my kids.
  2. After the long journey from Uganda, I walked into my American office on Monday and found a delightful gift and card from a colleague whose last day of work had been whilst I was away.
  3. That spiritual connections remain even when our human experiences take different routes.
  4. Electricity!  I am so very, very grateful for electricity!
  5. Having so many things to worry about.  Life is full.
  6. Seeing my kids wear San Diego t-shirts.  It makes the world seem that much smaller.
  7. That I haven’t suffered from jetlag on my last two trips home.
  8. Schexy sunglasses.
  9. All the amazing NEW peeps I met while home in Uganda this time.  I feel that lots of positive things await.
  10. Anticipation.
  11. The sound of falling water.  Or more precisely, the sound of landing water, when it makes connection with another surface, whether it be a body of water, a shower’s tiles, a rooftop, or a desert floor.
  12. The beauty of connection.
  13. Sandals.
  14. Eye drops.
  15. The note I discovered on my desk one morning while home in Uganda: “Morning, Dad.  Coffee is ready.  Just start the machine.  Out for school.  See you soon, Rogers.”
  16. That the above note now lives in my wallet.
  17. Progress on our latest business venture: Aidchild’s Olubugo Café.  (Pronounced: “oh-loo-BOO-go,” the word that describes a cloth made from the bark of the Mutuba tree.)  Opening in October.  This is a partnership with the Enlightened Hospitality Group.  We are especially grateful for this one!
  18. The warmth of the faculty at my University.  In the halls, they hug you and say things like, “I miss you,” during semesters where our schedules don’t overlap.
  19. Being missed.
  20. Missing others.
  21. That in Spanish, to express the sense of missing someone, we say, “Me hace falta,” meaning that the reality creates within Self a space, a gap, a lack, a need, a hole.
  22. Learning.
  23. That the two news stations that had both of their cameras and mics in my face the other day didn’t air the part where I couldn’t even pronounce my own title.
  24. Being nervous!  It means you’re up to somethin’.  (To read about some of what we have been up to, click here.)
  25. Every single one of my kids.

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