26 Things I’m Grateful For

better waySome of my readers know that I monthly tell my journal (blog) those things about which I’m grateful.  The list always matches the day’s date.

From 3am on the 26th here in Uganda—this is my list—for whatever it’s worth.  May your day be infused with thankfulness—even if in the face of need, loss and pain.

And here is my humble list.


I am grateful for:

  1. Mercy.
  2. Being entrusted with the impossible; knowing Someone, somewhere believes I am capable of at least offering that of which we are all capable—human-to-human.
  3. Being willing to allow the above to inform (or explain) my blessed craziness.  = )
  4. Hearing my kids say, “Yes, Daddy,” or “Okay, Daddy,” or anything ending in “Daddy” or “Dad.”  The language of relationship means more than we think.
  5. Notes from my kids.  Content matters even less than motivation.
  6. This song (and I’m not sure why): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NJqUN9TClM
  7. Not being sure why.
  8. Bug spray.  (It has been so hot and buggy the last few days… It’s Africa…. But still.)
  9. Fans.
  10. Electricity—and backup power.
  11. Forgiveness.  Received.  Given.
  12. Showing my kids and friends photos of my life past and present—capturing purpose via a medium still not fully understood through the matter of the spirit and the cognitive.
  13. Seeing my friends’ photos of life past and present.
  14. Gently placing the back of my hand on the too-warm forehead of one of my kids, and asking about their wellness—and receiving a response of hope and courage.
  15. Hope and courage.
  16. The notion that we can be better.  Better than we are.  Better than we think.
  17. The idea of being better.
  18. Cell phones.
  19. Human potential.
  20. Learning (remembering) what you mean to others—when they hug you longer than you expect—or shed tears when you didn’t see them coming.
  21. Planning flights and hotel rooms for speaking engagements in the States—one week away—when you’re in rural Africa.
  22. Trying to understand the difference between selfishness and self-awareness.
  23. The realization that poverty and abundance should not coexist.
  24. Working with/knowing people who get all of the above.
  25. Loving, respecting and caring for even those with whom I disagree.
  26. My kids.

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