“27 things I’m grateful for.” (My monthly gratitude list.)

  1. I get to see my kids in just a couple days!
  2. Thinking.
  3. Sitting in a café—whether one of Aidchild’s in Uganda, or one on a gray London street or on a sunny California porch—working on proposals such the creation of revolutionary clothes-washing machines, the use of boxing as a tool for peace education or empathy development, or strategies for paradigm shifts in education in emerging nations—music in my ears, hope in my heart.
  4. Using sickeningly cheesy (but true) phrases like, “You don’t have to be a star to twinkle!”
  5. Feeling like I’m getting better at boxing.
  6. The unexpected.
  7. TOMATOES!  Love ‘em.  Get to grow them nearly year-round both in Uganda and California.
  8. Giving and receiving compliments.
  9. Trying to define the undefinable.
  10. The perfect temperature for sitting outside whilst wearing a scarf and drinking hot coffee.
  11. The song of laughter, especially when heard from my kids.
  12. Sleeping in.
  13. Opportunities to effect change!  In addition to my travels between Uganda and San Diego this year, the university wants me to go to Chile, and back to Ghana.  Italy and the Netherlands also likely this year.
  14. The present of the present, the gift of today.  The here and now.  Of being.
  15. Catherine’s scratchy little voice.
  16. Learning that sometimes things just don’t work out, are misunderstood, or are otherwise imperfect.
  17. This song (click here).
  18. And this one (here).
  19. Eating with my fingers.
  20. Hearing on the phone, “When are you coming home, Daddy,” and having an answer that elicits excitement.
  21. Hats.
  22. Old friends.
  23. New friends.
  24. Contemplating the sort of greatness that has nothing to do with position, but rather with purpose, meaning and sacrifice.
  25. Flowers.
  26. A smile that beams from the eyes.
  27. My kids’ progress and success.  (Read about their scholarship here.)

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