44 Cents & A List of 20

See #3 below.

See #3 below.

Here is my monthly gratitude list, should it be of interest.

Twenty things I am grateful for on this 20th day of the month:

  1. Emails from my kids.  They usually begin with something like, “Hello Lovely Dad.”  Reminds me of when they were little when they would come to me and say, “Please wonderful Daddy, can we watch TV?”  (Try saying no to THAT.)
  2. Flipping my pillow over in the night, exposing the cooler side.  It’s a little refresher.
  3. The little plastic bag of coins waiting for me when I visited my grandma last week.  In it was a note that said, “Nathaniel, you left these when you were last here.  Love you, Nanny.”  It was 44 cents.
  4. Watering my plants.
  5. Hosting and being hosted.
  6. The miracle of flight (no matter how uncomfortable it is).
  7. Reading for pleasure.  (What a “novel” idea.  See what I did there?)
  8. The full moon.
  9. Pics of my kids.
  10. The compassion of strangers.  When I see an audience member–someone I had never before met–cry about my kids’ stories, I believe in miracles again.
  11. Miracles.
  12. A walk in the park.
  13. Those who give to AidChild, whether out of abundance or out of need, they become my heroes for caring for others without any thought of reward or personal benefit.
  14. Sunshine and rain.
  15. The color of water as the sun disappears beyond it, causing the water to become a reflection of the early night’s sky.
  16. People who can paint beautiful masterpieces–and do so.
  17. Doing.
  18. Voicemail.
  19. Green tea.
  20. Mindfulness.

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