Excerpts from my homily at Marge Murdock’s memorial service

Saturday, December 8, 2012.  Camp Verde, AZ.

“Through the miracle of faith, one can simultaneously experience grief at the end of a precious human experience, gratitude for the gift of engagement with a marvelous fellow spirit, and this glorious hope of heaven.”

“The precious nature of this human experience means that its loss is necessarily painful, palpable, and noticed with great lament–while the emergence into what-comes-next is also noticed–most often by a sense of peace.”

“Hers was a life well-lived.  A life in which bells and whistles did not take the shape of fancy possessions or glittery jewels–and this was by choice–but rather a life whose sparkle was seen as it reflected off of those she touched–with a kind word, a supportive arm, a generous gift, and constant prayer.”

And I closed with a quote from Khalil Gibran’s “Secrets of the Heart:”

“Dawn came, and the maiden surrendered herself to Slumber, hoping to find [even] sweeter and more gentle dreams than those she had encountered in her awakeness….”


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