Saddle-up. Wear a hard hat. And bring the bear.

hardhatThe other day, as I emerged from my apartment building—my home-away-from-home here in San Diego—I sighed at the sight and sounds of the ongoing road construction.  The major street in front of my building has been torn up for months as subterranean waterlines are repaired and rerouted.

The dust, the noise, ugh!

Just then, I saw a mother standing patiently with her young son, probably three years old.  He was wearing a little hard hat, and from his hand dangled a teddy bear.  The little boy was mesmerized by all the machines and people as they literally moved the earth.

Through his eyes, I was able to have a changed perspective of what had previously been only annoyance.  And his mom, so quietly and supportively standing at his side—well—her actions spoke to me as well.

I was humbled by their ability to be present with a sense of marvel, a sense of loving care, and of something larger than the moment.

Now I am setting an intention. I will try to see the other “dust” and “noises” around me as opportunities beyond the five senses. With more frequency, I will tell myself to “Saddle-up. Wear a hard hat. And bring the bear.”

This is going to be awesome.

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