The Queen of the Night (and my monthly gratitude list)

queen of the night

Queen of the Night, number 2 on my list.

My monthly gratitude list. Today is the 21st day of the month, and here is a list of 21 things that make me happy and grateful, should they be of interest.

  1. How most of my kids, when we’re conversing, tag the word “Dad” or “Daddy” onto the end of every sentence, i.e. “Yes, Daddy,” or “Okay, Daddy,” or, “You’re so funny, Daddy.”
  2. The tropical flowers that surround us: ginger, poinsettias, hyacinths, birds of paradise, and my favorite, the queen of the night.  After sunset, it exhales a charming scent that is a sort of combination of jasmine and honeysuckle.
  3. The rain that quietly fell throughout the night, bringing calm.
  4. Bringing calm.
  5. Bug spray.
  6. The feeling of the sun as it shines on my face as I jog.
  7. The way my kids are growing up, taking on responsibility, developing individuality, and beaming with personality.
  8. That my friend had Benadryl ointment on hand when I was stung by a bee yesterday.  Immediately soothed it.
  9. Immediate soothing.
  10. Extension cords (and looking forward to the day when almost everything will be wireless).
  11. The money that was donated yesterday, meaning we can buy all the meds we need for our kids this week.
  12. Feeling hungry after a workout.  Makes me feel like a success.
  13. The smell and feel of fresh laundry.
  14. Learning new games with my kids.
  15. Overcoming anxiety.
  16. Thinking outside the box and beyond the paradigm.
  17. Learning that a bill is less than I thought it was going to be.  =)
  18. Cleanliness.  Things that are clean.
  19. Health and strength.  Mine.  Other’s.
  20. The gift of eating.  So grateful that the Divine found such a clever, pleasurable way for us to nourish ourselves.
  21. Mindfulness.

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